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Spotlight on MA Games Design – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2017

Chaoba (Alex) He  Freedom of Navigation
Chaoba (Alex) He  Freedom of Navigation
Chaoba (Alex) He, Freedom of Navigation
Written by
Jake May
Published date
04 December 2017

Rooted in experimental practice, MA Games Design provides the technical and critical skills for students to produce a portfolio of innovative game prototypes, whilst considering the motives of play and its relationship with society and culture.

Students from this year’s course exhibit at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2017: Show 2, and will feature a selection of the experimental games, created over the last year. Come experience, play and engage with their work first-hand.

We highlight some of the projects on show…

Chaoba (Alex) He

Freedom of Navigation

Chaoba (Alex) He, Freedom of Navigation

Freedom of Navigation is a 1v1 mini-naval battle game which both players from both sides have to fight each other to claim all the islands.

It is a project that reflects the geopolitical situation happening in our real world today.

Watch a demo of Freedom of Navigation on YouTube.

Chris Li

Too Many Cooks

Chris Li, Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks is a simple but intense 3-8 player co-op party game where your team works together run a restaurant kitchen.

Chop, wash and steam your way to serving as many customers as possible. but keep your cool and your team together!

Find out if your team is an tight-knit unit, or if they’ll crack under the pressure.

Tesh Samuel

Dino Delivery Service

A modern-prehistoric game where Dinosaurs deliver post! Make deliveries and explore the monstrous cities of this jurassic world.


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