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Spotlight on MA Documentary Film // LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016


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22 November 2016

London College of Communication (LCC) presents MA Documentary Film as part of LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016. The screenings will run Monday 28 – Friday 2 December.

MA Documentary Film students are artistic, investigative and observational. Graduates from this course join the next generation of celebrated faces behind the camera. This year’s films have been shot and directed in 9 different countries including Poland, China and Spain. Films include an impressionistic journey across Colombia, a visit to a tribal tattoo artist in the Philippines, and a melancholic portrait of a Russian city in terminal decline.

Films this year include Jill Damatac Futter’s ‘Blood and Ink (Dugo at Tinta)’, an intimately reflexive essay documentary set in a remote mountainside village in the northern Philippines. This film explores concepts of memory, ancestry, and identity through indigenous 97-year-old tattooist Apo Whang-Od Oggay’s remarkable true story, and through director Jill Damatac Futter’s own story after 22 years as an undocumented immigrant in the United States.

Hanna Aqvilin’s portrait documentary about Fay Presto, a renowned London magician, reflects on her everyday life as a magician, especially her struggles as an older woman in the entertainment industry. Now 70 years old, the witty illusionist has dedicated her life to being an entertainer, having performed for the Queen on several occasions and entertained celebrities for decades with her magic. The film exposes the struggle to earn a living as a performer, and, through her memories, gives us a glimpse into more glamorous days during the 80s.

‘MT6’ by Sandra Spethmann is the story of a young wolf, discovering a country that has not yet learned to fully accept him and his kind. For more than 150 years wolves were extinct in Germany, but with the dissolution of the Iron Curtain in 1990, the walls and fences keeping them out disappeared. Now wolves are back in their hundreds to reclaim their old territory. One of them, MT6, has drawn more attention than any other wolf in the last century. Following him on his journey, we search for answers to the question: is there a place for the wolf in Germany?

‘By Any Other Name’ by Lawrence Green explores one of the untold stories behind the infamous Moors Murders. The film follows two journalists who were assigned to the trial and investigated the case for two years in the 1980s. They reflect on the trauma that affected the nation, but also recount their personal thoughts on the case and the ways in which it has affected their lives subsequently.

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