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Spotlight on MA Advertising – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018

Eve and Eve
Eve and Eve

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12 November 2018

MA Advertising is about the future of advertising. Students explore the challenges the industry now faces and the opportunities they present.

This year’s line-up of work – shown in LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018: Show 1, 14th – 18th November 2018 – explores emerging technologies like voice and VR; political-economic issues such as gender and globalisation as well as how advertising can create the sort of impactful work that cuts through information overload and fake news. Through innovative practice-research MA Advertising students stake their claim to be the future of the industry.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of projects on show…

Leoni Lessmann

‘Eve & Eve: The All-Female Agency’

‘With about 4% of creative directors being female, and 91% of women not feeling like advertisers understand them, I thought about what would happen if we gave women a chance to try and change those statistics. Surely, the two are connected, and out of that thought came the idea for Eve & Eve – an all-female creative advertising agency that would not only give women the chance to climb up the ladder within the industry more quickly and efficiently, but it would also have huge potential to change the way women are represented within advertising. Research Question: what are the potentials and pitfalls of an all-female advertising agency? To find out how this could work, I imagined the agency as a ‘design fiction’, by creating agency publicity material, B2B coverage, and a mock-up of the agency reception, which you can view at the show.’

Chiara Dalla Rosa

‘The weaver’s walk: exploring crafted storytelling’

“Brands are trying to tell stories in a world of countless narratives. With audiences overwhelmed by images and able to block ads we need to find new ways to create impactful visual stories – what new forms of visual branded content can cut through visual information overload?”

Leon Celan

‘The Dramatic Persona – A Role-Play Approach to Understanding Audiences’

“The project considers the extent to which practices from the dramatic arts can foster persona methods in use for the advertising context. It looks into various academic and authoritative media sources and draws on findings from interviews and an innovative workshop format to examine this question. Acting warm-up exercises and improvisation role-play games, inspired by Stanislavski, serve as a basis for the complementation of the existing persona methods bodystorming and empathy mapping. Together, they form the framework of the new workshop format created within this project. The main finding: the format enhances the understanding of a certain persona/target audience and sparks creativity among workshop participants when working on a brief. It can be individually adapted to a certain issue/brief and function as a toolkit for empathy and creativity.”

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