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Spotlight On: Graduate Diploma Photography – LCC Degree Shows 2018

Written by
Dayna McAlpine
Published date
05 June 2018

Students on London College of Communication’s Graduate Diploma Photography work at the cutting edge of contemporary practice.

With a foundation of technical skills, from analogue to the latest digital technologies, students develop professional skills through diverse and exciting projects.

This year’s line-up of work – shown in LCC Degree Shows 2018: Show 1, 31 May – 02 June 2018 – showcases strong conceptual approaches and personal identity.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of the projects on show…

Christine Almeida

‘Psychological Landscapes’

‘Your inside is out, your outside is in. Diptychs from São Paulo and Alto Paraíso Brazil, 2018.’

Katy Pritchard

‘Proof Sheet’

Proof Sheet presents a collection of found notes combined with ambiguous photographs to create a larger sense of mystery. Gathered and mapped out in one large document, the items are laid out as evidence for new relationships to be formed, pondered, scrutinized and questioned. A hole in the road, a VIP label, a request to borrow and a request to buy, qn aeroplane conference, a defaced wedding invitation and Dave’s phone number.

Malwina Bartnicka

‘Point of View’

These works are supposed to show how, thanks to appropriate perspective, shadows and reflections, seemingly simple things and situations take on a different expression; everything we see depends on the angle of view chosen by us. In addition, the material on which we decide to present our works can exacerbate the feelings coming from them.

Martin Adlam


“My work centres on urban environments and spaces that we, as individuals, encounter and experience. Metropolis was first and foremost designed to show the larger, collective patterns we form, based on the small individual actions of our everyday lives. We rarely stop to consider how the same space is seen by others, or how we, as individuals, form part of the urban experience. By means of abstraction and augmentation each work demonstrates how we are part of a larger, collective entity.”

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