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Spotlight on BA (Hons) Graphic & Media Design – LCC Degree Shows 2017


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14 June 2017
Encouraging interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the theory and practice, our Design School puts the cultural, ethical, social, economic and ecological impact of our work on people and the planet at the forefront of our teaching.

Graduating students from BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures, BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design, BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual MediaBA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts and BA (Hons) Spatial Design will be showing work to industry, friends, and members of the public.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of the work on show from BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design.

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

This course tests and applies graphic design principles on to a diverse range of typical and less expected outputs. Exploratory and critically focused work ranging from contemporary typography, visual design systems, editorial design and information design, to graphic design for moving image, events identity and branding, design for smart media and design for social change will be on show.

Caterina de Queirós


TYPEX is an experiment of Typography, translating graphic design into textile printing. The main concept of Catarina’s work centres around the creation of different visual codes and repetitions using various elements of Typography.

See more of Catarina’s work here

Jack Warne

The Abandon

The Abandon is a reinterpretation of Jorge Luis Borge’s text ‘The Lottery in Babylon’. The project focuses on the diagnostics of chance and utilises the Zipfian Theory as a tool and system. Using the Zipfian Distribution, Jack has extracted the data from Borges’ text, acquiring the word frequencies within it. Using a visual synthesiser, the images were generated from the word frequencies within Borges’ text itself.

Keenen Sutherland

A Visual Response to Nostalgia

Keenen’s project is a visual response to research undertaken into the subject matter of nostalgia, more specifically Keenen’s wanted to find out why we experience nostalgia and how that feeling, regardless of the emotion could be translated through the use of colour.

See more of Keenen’s work here

Richard Underwood

Ryoji Ikeda: Four Audiovisual Projects

Richard’s project was created as a response to Ryoji Ikeda’s Supersymmetry installation as well as concepts in quantum mechanics such as the observer effect, exploring the boundary between developers and designers while questioning the evolving role of the Graphic Designer in a world of AI and automation.

Serena Neo

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is a data visualisation project comparing the structural qualities between the Thames riverbed in Woolwich foot tunnel through recorded sound, tidal schedules and found objects.

See more of Serena’s work here