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Spotlight On: BA (Hons) Design Management & Cultures – LCC Degree Shows 2018


Written by
Dayna McAlpine
Published date
15 June 2018

BA (Hons) Design Management & Cultures at London College of Communication applies design thinking, interdisciplinary research methods and strategies to a range of projects and collaborations that address human, social, environmental and business needs in the context of a rapidly changing world.

This year’s line-up of work – shown in LCC Degree Shows 2018: Show 2, 21–23 June 2018 – ​sees students feature a diversity of socially-engaged projects from exploring creative collaboration, branding and communication, identity, well-being, sustainability, to education and learning.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of projects on show…

Beatrice Bekar

‘Long Story Short: The Future of Sustainable Fashion Consumption’

Following the trends of the circular economy and embracing the principles of the digital culture, the project ‘Long Story Short’ aims to investigate how a systemic change can be implemented to satisfy fashion consumers’ expectations with the broader perspective of designing a new culture of responsibility. Despite the actions taken in spreading awareness about environmental issues, various studies show how they consistently failed to change or create new, counteracting behaviours.  Long Story Short tries to re-imagine, through the formation of collaborative networks and proactive fashion practices, not only traditional fashion business models but also the relations among individuals, their garments and the environment. Ultimately, by proposing a digital platform facilitating meaningful and impactful interactions between wearers and garments, the project envisions the creation of a radical future scenario: that of rethinking a society based on new kind of exchanges, beyond monetary value.

Marta De Prisco

‘Urban Rewilding’

‘In envisioning Southwark Council’s strategy for an urban regeneration plan that will affect the area of Old Kent Road over the next 20 years, the project explores how communities can lead and influence the development of listed buildings in the area. Thus, it is pivotal to identify and enhance the community’s own resources, which can be synthesised into empowering ideas that can positively affect the local environment in an age of urban regeneration. More in depth, the project will address potential uses for the Gasholder No. 13, a listed former gasworks site on Old Kent Road. Drawing from Southwark Council Area Action Plan to turn the structure into a park, the aim is to co-design with experts a landscape-design proposal by acting on locals’ needs and creativity.’

Sonja Doupnik


‘The latest turbulences and events affecting today’s social media landscape have led to distrust amongst many users of Facebook, Instagram and Co. Therefore, my major project raised the question ‘How can we design transparency to (re)establish trust between a social medium and online communities?’, the answer is CLEAR. CLEAR is not only a new social media app. CLEAR stands for transparency, user empowerment and the future of digital cultures. This social media prototype provides a space for the development of online communities through fostering the real-life practice of convergence and participatory culture.’

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