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Speculative and Critical Design – The Limits to Growth 

Speculative and critical design summer school 2016
Speculative and critical design summer school 2016

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10 July 2017
Tobias Revell, Speculative and Critical Design Tutor and Course Leader for MA Interaction Design Communication  at LCC hosts The Limits to Growth podcast with fellow guest tutors Anab Jain, Georgina Voss and Ben Stopher to discuss the themes of design, expectation and reality.

The podcast gives listeners a snapshot of the exciting and cutting edge topics that will be discussed at this year’s Speculative and Critical Design course in July. Discussions are based on topics inspired by The Club of Rome’s 1972 report The Limits to Growth that forced readers to explore the difficult questions we face as a society. Delving into concepts of economic theory, global capitalism and the hard limits of global resources, Tobias and guests analyse those concepts and reflect on the emerging field of speculative and critical design, global trends and problem solving tools.

Contribute to the debate with Tobias and guests on the emerging speculative and critical design field by joining us on our 6-day intensive course at LCC. Take part in this invaluable experience and challenge yourself through a series of interactive lectures and workshops.

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Listen to the podcast here.