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ReSounding success for LCC’s BA (Hons) Spatial Design students


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
30 April 2015

LCC’s Digital Space is set to be transformed by the College’s first-year BA (Hons) Spatial Design students in the ReSound project – a collaboration with London South Bank University.

They have produced designs to enhance the aesthetics of the room while also providing acoustic solutions that will enable staff and students to work more comfortably.

Those using the Digital Space have experienced some issues with intelligibility and productivity within the space due to insufficient acoustic treatment.

The space is central to students’ experience at the College, and can be used for both individual and collaborative working. Addressing the acoustic issues would therefore enhance wellbeing and productivity for the space’s users.

Specific acoustic considerations on this brief included barriers to sound, sound absorption, reflecting sound and diffusing sound.

The students proposed designs featuring freestanding acoustic panels, wall panels, ceiling tiles, a ceiling or wall focal point, infill panels for meeting pods, and new or modified furniture.

During the creative process the students attended a lecture and presentation on acoustics from sound experts from London South Bank University (LSBU), held at LCC.

The proposed solution also had to take into account visual impact, materials, sustainability, health and safety, longevity, ease of maintenance and cost.

One of the most significant of these factors was sustainability, as the client was looking for innovative designs using reclaimed or recycled materials that had never before been used to develop acoustic solutions.

This groundbreaking brief will now be used as part of an LSBU research project to develop sustainable acoustic solutions for interior spaces.

Selected designs will be tested at the LSBU’s acoustic lab, and the most successful ideas will be implemented within the LCC Digital Space this summer, meaning that students will soon see their designs realised within a real space.

Below are some of the group’s design explorations and prototypes:













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