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Profile // Sheena Patel LCC Foundation Diploma Art and Design student

Sheena P 5 paint
Sheena P 5 paint

Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
24 April 2014

Introducing Sheena Patel! The first of our three featured LCC Foundation Diploma Art and Design students. Sheena will be exhibiting her work alongside over four hundred other young artists and designers next week in our first summer show of the season, ‘Making Progress’, Monday 28 April – Thursday 1 May.

Sheena is exhibiting six carved and inked sculptural self-portraits crafted from wooden boards, each 8ft by 4ft. The self-portraits explore themes of violence and insecurity, Sheena concentrating her own experiences with depression and self-loathing into the process of sculpting the work.

The physicality of the process in this style of printmaking sculpture is very evocative for Sheena: the carvings she makes in the wood personify the destructive force within her, with the marks she makes representing the scars of her troubles. Afterwards, by removing the dust and shavings from the carvings, she is enacting her desire for emotional closure.

“What I wore through the process – the mask, the goggles, the earphones – and the dominating way I stood over my material with this cutting tool: I was personifying the destructive force in myself that created havoc in my mind. I was the one who silenced and defeated the creative will – and under all that restraint was me trying to fight back.”

See Sheena’s work at ‘Making Progress: LCC Foundation Diploma Art and Design Show 2014’
Exhibition Open: Monday 28 April – Thursday 1 May 10am-5pm
Private View: Tuesday 29 April 6-9pm
Venue: London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle

Sheena P 3 paint

Sheena Patel, 2014

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