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Pentagram design new directional signage for LCC

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Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
25 November 2015

Earlier this year, international design consultancy Pentagram were commissioned to design a new system of College internal signage, with LCC alumnus Domenic Lippa leading on the project.

Over the summer period, the old black vinyl and A4 laminated door signs were removed and replaced with the new signage panels, intended to focus on better navigation within the building.

The system consists of door numbering, floor directories and larger scale directional signage, with the facility to produce in-house signage in the same style if the need arises.

We spoke to Associate Partner Jeremy Kunze about how Pentagram approached the project.

What were the priorities in providing new internal signage for the College?

The main priorities were to find a solution that could work within the LCC’s four different buildings and be adaptable enough to allow the College to change room names and redecorate when necessary. It also had to be incredibly cost-effective because of the College’s upcoming move.

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How did you approach the process with these priorities in mind?

From the beginning we needed to establish a first-hand understanding of the unique functions of each building and where information was most needed. We spent a lot of time walking between the different rooms in each building and looking at how the room types were used. It was also important to hear from staff and students who regularly used the building about what the issues were.

What were the biggest challenges along the way?

One of the biggest challenges was the adhoc way the current site had been developed. Each of the four blocks had a set of unique problems. In the Tower Block, for example, you have over 150 doors which are all slightly different – and then they are all different to the other doors in the other blocks. It was about finding a level of consistency which worked across everything.

And how do you feel about the end result now the signage is installed?

The resulting wayfinding solution is extremely adaptable. The material palette is inspired by LCC’s key principles – a dedication to ‘making’ and physical design. As with the UAL identity, the wayfinding should not get in the way of the students’ work, but it needed a sensitivity to the environment without over-dominating. It just needed to aide people to get around, which we think we have achieved.

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