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News // Third-year BA (Hons) Film and Television student’s film selected by London Short Film Festival

Torpor Still 2
Torpor Still 2

Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
07 January 2015

Jannik Schmoller, a third-year LCC BA (Hons) Film and Television student, has just had his film ‘Torpor – Wintersleep’ accepted to the London Short Film Festival.

The experimental short film tells the story of Lucia, a nineteen-year-old struggling to overcome the traumatic memories of her childhood with an abusive father. This unique film tells Lucia’s story entirely through gesture and contemporary movement. Citing David Lynch as one of his greatest courses of inspiration, Jannik explains “in my short films, I aim to explore our vast and fascinating subconscious.”

‘Torpor – Wintersleep’, a project Jannik wrote and directed whilst in his second year at LCC, was one of a few films selected from over a thousand submissions to this year’s festival. Jannik is particularly excited to be screening his film in the London Short Film Festival because he considers London to be the creative capital of the world.

However, whilst enjoying his success Jannik has already moved on to his next project, an ambitious graduation film, and is looking for passionate and dedicated collaborators.

The festival runs from Friday 9 – Sunday 18 January.

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