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Monica Alcazar-Duarte graduation photobook acquired for international collections

©Monica Alcazar-Duarte
©Monica Alcazar-Duarte
©Monica Alcazar-Duarte,
Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
03 March 2015

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (Online) alumna Monica Alcazar-Duarte has received exciting news about her graduation collection, ‘Your Photographs Could Be Used By Drug Dealers’.

Monica’s photobook depicting life in two neighbouring towns on the Pacific coast of Mexico has been acquired for the book collections of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, Yale University Art Gallery and the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.

©Monica Alcazar-Duarte

During the past couple of weeks, Monica has been preparing by hand the copies that will be posted, and told us: “I still can’t believe where these copies are going!”

Speaking about the news, she said:

“I am quite overwhelmed at the idea that my work has been selected for collections in three of the world’s most prestigious arts and academic institutions.

“This is a real boost for my confidence as a photographer who is exploring alternative presentation means for my work. I will now be able to pursue ‘Forerunners’, my current project, with renewed energy and conviction.

“I owe a debt of thanks to Kaleid Editions who have represented me in the United States and in Europe and found these new collectors for my book. UAL’s own Made in Arts London have also been terrific advocates for my book here in London”.

London College of Communication

8.45 p.m. Ixtapa. Image © Monica Alcazar-Duarte.

London College of Communication

4.15 p.m. Sunday. Ixtapa. Image © Monica Alcazar-Duarte

London College of Communication

7.40 p.m. Ixtapa. Image © Monica Alcazar-Duarte

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