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MA Documentary Film graduate becomes Assistant Producer for UKTV’s new documentary series

Filming Holy Week in Seville
Filming Holy Week in Seville

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02 June 2017

Words by Jyoti Mann

MA Documentary Film graduate, Loubna Turjuman, secured the role of Assistant Producer for ‘The Private Lives of the Tudors’, UKTV’s new documentary series. Presented by Historic Royal Palaces’ Chief Curator Tracy Borman, the series will uncover the lives of some of the best-known monarchs and the times in which they lived.

Loubna, who graduated in 2014, is also working with a fellow graduate from the course to create a digital platform specialising in producing short documentary films. We reached out to Loubna who gave us an insight into her time at LCC, her career since graduating and a sneak peek of what is to come.

Congratulations on your new role! Which issues do you feel are most important to address in your work?

I was born and raised in Guatamala and have a Palestinian/Italian background, my upbringing has definitely impacted my experiences of the world. My father has always instilled a strong sense of connection with Palestine in me and I wish to continue to address this through my work.

As a woman, do you feel you have faced more challenges in your field of work?

You’d be amazed by the amount of times I’ve been asked to sort out lunch or book a taxi instead of my male colleagues. It’s still something I face day to day in my working life, but generally speaking I wouldn’t say my gender has seriously held me back.

What did you most enjoy learning on your course?

I always thought I wanted to be a news reporter or producer, but once I got to experience the field, I realised I wanted to spend more time telling stories and giving them more depth.

What advice would you give MA Documentary Film students?

The best thing about the course is meeting like-minded people who will open you up to new experiences as well as share their own unique world views. I’d say make the most of working in groups as it’s a great way to develop working relationships with future collaborators. Also use this time to take risks, don’t play it safe!

What do you most value about your time at LCC?

The lasting friendships I’ve made during my time on the course, I’ve learned from them a lot and continue to do so through projects we collaborate on.