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Local residents join LCC to explore Elephant and Castle’s regeneration through graphic design

Writerly Readers Workshop
Writerly Readers Workshop
A final word-image output from the Writerly Readers workshop.”
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24 October 2016

Over the summer, local Walworth residents joined LCC for a Writerly Readers workshop, which uses the lens of graphic design to explore responses to the ongoing redevelopment of the Elephant and Castle area.

MA Graphic Media Design lecturer, Vanessa Price, led the workshop as part of her ongoing research developing an archive which documents the changing environment of Elephant and Castle through word and image combinations.

Vanessa’s research Writerly Readers: Semiotics at the Elephant and Castle explores the role of graphic design in inner city regeneration.

Vanessa Price

Vanessa Price, MA Graphic Media Design lecturer.

Local residents were invited to become an active participants in the writing and reading of visual communications about the area.

Some of the participants from the Aylesbury Estate and the wider Walworth area have lived locally for over forty years but had never been inside LCC.

Writerly Readers Workshop

Over the summer members of the local Walworth community participated in the Writerly Readers workshop.

The residents took photographs in the Elephant and Castle area and then worked collaboratively to generate a word-based vocabulary in response to their collective images.

The workshop playfully explores word and image combinations in response to Elephant and Castle.

The workshop playfully explores word and image combinations in response to Elephant and Castle.

They chose to work with a theme of ‘change’ and used the word-image process to discuss their personal responses to the redevelopment taking place around Elephant and Castle.

The workshop aimed to consider more collaborative processes for graphic design, where the intended audiences play a role in the authoring and receiving of visual messages.