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LCC Summer Show 2 // Spotlight on BA (Hons) Surface Design and BA (Hons) Interior Design


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
18 June 2014

Meet some more students from LCC’s School of Design, showing their work in Summer Show 2 which opens tomorrow night.

This year the Lower Street Gallery and the third floor of the Workshop Block will be housing work by BA (Hons)/FdA Surface Design students. One of the many interesting projects on show will be Peter Dunn’s ‘Urban Plains’, linking three contemporary ‘tribes’ found in the vibrant East London to three tribes found in isolated parts of the world. Peter has produced a collection of prints and textured textiles for menswear on various textiles that draw these two tibes together in a cohesive collection. The emphasis will be on the displays of colour, shape and form found in both contemporary dress and the rituals of tribes based in Africa, South America and the Far East.

Untitled Untitled2 Untitled23

Laura Aldous is showing a beautiful collection of fabric samples inspired by the idea of contrast, particularly between opaque and transparent or matte and reflective surfaces. The samples react with each other and are hung in layers, showing the combination of prints and shapes.

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Katie Thomas is working with concrete. Her set of three benches aims to give the material which is normally thought of as ‘cold’ or ‘ugly’, the beauty of textiles. Her work explores how important the making process is and the relationships between craftspeople.

DSC06291 DSC06275 NewDesignersKatie2

 BA (Hons)/FdA Interior Design will be exhibiting in the Well Gallery. The work from these students designs for both temporary and permanent structures, at large and small scale and for multiple and individual habitation and use.

Jolita Sakaulaskaite will be showing her project that deals with access issues at Green Park Underground Station. Her new design will allow daylight to enter the space and meet the underground service users in welcoming way.

Jolita Sakalauskaite

Simone Lam is presenting ‘Stratford Gateway’, a proposal for a rooftop extension on top of Stratford Shopping Centre car park. This vision aims to use the pride and legacy left behind after the London Olympics to revive the spirit of the Centre, celebrating Stratford’s cultural diversity and historic marketplaces in its rapidly developing context.

Simone Lam's Presentation Board


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