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Karl Lagerfeld announces MA Graphic Media Design grad as guest artist for Spring 2018 season

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04 April 2018

Karl Lagerfeld has announced LCC MA Graphic Media Design graduate Yoni Alter as guest artist for the Spring 2018 season.

Every year, Karl Lagerfeld invites artists and creatives to partner on special edition collections, to bring their own unique vision to Lagerfelds’s designs.

Yoni’s bespoke graphics have a bright, minimalistic and colourful aesthetic, with safari-inspired themes incorporated throughout. For the collection, Alter created pixelated graphics that reinterpret his vision of theKarl Lagerfeld brand, including images of Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette, and quintessential Lagerfeld graphics.

We caught up with Yoni to find out more about the collaboration and life post-LCC…

Karl Lagerfeld X Yoni Alter, 2018.

What did you study at LCC, and how do you remember your time here?

I studied MA Graphic Media Design. I was lucky to have good tutors that opened my eyes to new ideas and directions.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

I still live in London. I was working for a few years in the design and advertising industry before going solo. I work in my home studio as an independent graphic artist. I do my own art projects – prints, objects, apps etc, and I also do jobs for clients. Later this month two of my books will be released. They are published by Prestel.

Yoni Alter, 2017.

How did the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld come about?

It was my lovely Parisian agent who helped making this happen. It turns out Karl and his team are fans of my work. They adore my pointillism work so wanted me to create work in this style for the collection.

How did you approach the collaboration?

I approached this project like every project. I just have fun making and experimenting. Once I start making something I get more ideas and try different things. Karl’s team were a pleasure to work with.

Karl Lagerfeld X Yoni Alter, 2018.

What makes your work distinctive?

I love bold, colourful flat graphics, often geometric. I think my love for these elements makes my work quite recognisable.

What are the plans for the future?

I’m always developing new work and then seeing what it can turn into. I’m really interested in things such as books, mobile apps, prints series, art objects, commercial products and exhibitions.

One of the most exciting things I’m currently working on is a series of unique wall art objects. If you’re reading this and you have a suggestion for a cool space in London to exhibit, please do get in touch!

Yoni Alter, 2017.