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Graphic Design // LCC graduate designs branding for London Live launch

Yoni Alter, London Live, Gherkin
Yoni Alter, London Live, Gherkin

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28 March 2018

The launch of London’s newest TV channel, London Live, is set to be a colourful one, thanks to the brilliant and bold branding from LCC MA Graphic Design graduate Yoni Alter.

Israeli-born Yoni, has produced a series of bright, colorful idents depicting iconic London landmarks which have been animated by ad agency Kemistry and will be used as intros to news coverage and shows on the channel.

Yoni Alter’s debut London show is at the Kemistry Gallery from 27 March – 3 May 2014. There you can see his London Live graphics and more work inspired by urban landscapes and architecture.

Yoni Alter, London Live, Boxpark

Yoni Alter, London Live, waterfront

Yoni Alter, London Live, Wemberley

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