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Featured Student // Photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz is an analogue addict


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05 February 2018

A self confessed analogue addict third-year BA (Hons) Photography student Rosaline Shahnavaz is certainly one to watch, having caught the attention of Dazed Digital and Idol magazine in recent months.

Dismissing digital (and with 20 cameras and counting) the 22 year old Londoner shoots entirely on film, captivating viewers with the rawness and beauty of her intimate portraits, which reveal both the vulnerability and confidence of youth.


When not to be found in the LCC dark rooms over the past year Rosaline has photographed London Fashion Week for AnOther magazine, pictured musicians for TANK and Under the Influence and contributed to online art and music platform SUBJECT.

Her latest project, ‘Far Near Distance’ is a series of portraits of a young Iranian female called Sahar – Rosaline’s cousin – whose freedom is confined to the walls of her home. Speaking about the project, which will feature in her final show she says;

“With unique access to Sahar’s private life in Iran and the freedom of publishing work in the UK, I was able to produce honest photographs that depict Sahar in her natural form, at home, with an Intimacy simply unrepresentable in Iran.”


Sahar, Tehran 2013.

She is also an assistant to Tom Hunter, whose photographs of traveller communities in the 1990’s feature in LCC’s new exhibition ‘Life on the Road.’ And in the apprentice’s work there are echoes of the same fleeting nostalgia – moments frozen in time that can only be revealed in a darkroom.

If there were an Instagram filter named Rosaline we’d all be using it. But she wouldn’t.


Sofia, London 2012.


Iran Diary, Nowshahr 2013.


Drifter, Krakow 2012.


Drifter, Krakow 2012.


Sofia, London 2012.


It’s Time to Return, Varkala 2013.


Zanzo, Padua 2013.

LCC’s new exhibition ‘Life on the Road’ featuring photography by Tom Hunter, Dave Fawcett and films by Andrew Gaston, is open from Thursday 6 February until Wednesday 26 February 2014. |