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Event // Public Relations and The Visual: Exploring Identity, Space and Performance

Martin_Parr_talk_by_Lewis Bush (24)
Martin_Parr_talk_by_Lewis Bush (24)
Lewis Bush 2014,
Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
02 July 2014

The Network for Public Relations and Society is an international research network exploring the practice of public relations from a social perspective. Based at LCC, they bring together scholars and practitioners to explore the wider societal significance of public relations and seek to bring about change in the way it’s conceived and practiced through research, events and practical projects.

One such event is the upcoming day-long conference at LCC on Wednesday 9 July; Public Relations and The Visual: Exploring Identity, Space and Performance. The conference will bring together PR practitioners and academics to debate the role of visual dimensions in public relations theory and practice.

Participants will explore a variety of viewpoints to conceptualise the industry and debate new ways of thinking about and visualising practice. MA Public Relations Course Leader Sarah Roberts-Bowman explains that the overarching aim of the event is to encourage collaboration and partnership between practitioners and academics to develop new thinking across the field.


One of the many workshops at last year’s PR conference.

Sarah explains “we’ve recently been speaking about the idea of having ‘academics in residence’ as a solution to bridging the PR academic-practice divide. Whilst this would be an industry first, it’s this fresh perspective that the conference facilitates which helps us to generate some really innovative ideas.”

Keynote speakers include:

*Ian Burrell, Assistant Editor and Media Editor, The Independent – PR’s Identity in a Post-Clifford World

*Glenn Tutssel, Executive Creative Director, Brand Union – Where Next For PR and Visual Communication

Find out more about the event and get your tickets here

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