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Daniel Fletcher’s ‘EUPHROSYNE’ project is the director’s pick in LCC ‘Analogue vs Digital’ collaboration with People of Print


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
21 May 2014


Earlier this year, LCC BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media students responded to a two-week brief set by People of Print. The brief was to create work inspired by the famous Marshall McLuhan quote “the medium is the message”. The students were asked to take their images through various different mediums, ensuring that they passed through both analogue and digital processes.

People of Print were impressed by all the students’ responses, but Daniel Fletcher’s four-colour screen print and accompanying photo-book ‘EUPHROSYNE’ really stood out to them: “He answered the brief concisely and enthusiastically”. Daniel’s project is a personal exploration of the role of video call platforms like Skype in long distance relationships. Daniel is interested in the dichotomy of this medium, as “although providing a certain sense of closeness it can also enhance distance”.


The passing of the images, stills taken from video calls, through analogue and digital mediums has really preserved the individual characteristics of each process. Repeatedly photographing, scanning and re-photographing the images ended with Daniel projecting his final project into a bedroom. Daniel’s imaginative and thoughtful interpretation of the brief won him the honour of director’s pick, and has now got his work from this project featured on People of Print’s website.


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