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BA (Hons) Media Communications student wins Dare digital agency writing competition


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
27 February 2015

Elin Schonfelder, a first-year BA (Hons) Media Communications student, has just won a writing competition run by Dare digital agency and has been offered a two-week work experience with the company.

Dare is a digital agency that specialises in creating digitally connected customer experiences. By exploring the potential of the internet and creativity, Dare help to transform businesses by providing a superlative experience suited to today’s demanding customers.

The competition was part of a wider initiative by Dare to explore trends in social media usage among current BA (Hons) Media Communications students at LCC. The agency wanted to gather fresh insight around what social media platforms students are using, what they use them for and why, and the different functions that each platform offers to suit individual lifestyles.


Elin Schonfelder, BA (Hons) Media Communications.

Students were asked to write a 1,000-1,200 word piece discussing the role and importance of social media in their everyday life.

Articles were written in a blog-like style drawing upon the student’s personal experiences and experiences from their interactions with their peers. Discussions spanned several platforms, and explored ideas of relevance, usability and the future of media communications.

Elin explains, “I was delighted to win the competition. As a BA (Hons) Media Communications student I am really interested in developing social technologies, so having the chance to write for Dare’s blog was really exciting. Social media has had a huge impact on the behaviours of my generation, and I was excited to explore this in a little more depth in my piece of writing.

“I’m really excited to start my placement at Dare because, as a first year student, getting some experience of working in industry will give me a sense of where my studies could lead me.”

All submissions were read by the Dare team and Elin’s entry won! Her winning article will shortly be published on Dare’s blog and Elin will start her two-week work placement with Dare in the summer.

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