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10 reasons studying Public Relations will give you a head-start in today’s world

The Future of Communication
The Future of Communication

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25 October 2016

Words by Ian Gustav Ahlberg a BA(Hons) Public Relations graduate.

Choosing a subject to start at university can be a daunting task, made especially difficult by the changing nature of the working world vs. your own career ambitions. That’s why we’ve enlisted recent BA (Hons) Public Relations graduate, Ian Gustav Ahlberg, to give us 10 reasons why PR should be your pick!

1. PR is creative

The BA (Hons) Public Relations course at LCC weaves creativity into every day spent in university. Half of your day is usually spent in lectures that are followed by seminars where you are given a problem to solve. We’re never held back in our approach and creativity is encouraged. Sharing our ideas and building them together is the core of this course.

2. You’ll understand social media
You've got a minute to think of how to communicate on each. Could you?

You’ll learn how to communicate with audiences across the different social media platforms. [image by Christiaan Colen]

A lot of what PR professionals do day-to-day is social media, so it’s only natural the course develops you into a content creating machine. You will become a powerhouse of social content creation.

Blog posts, tweets and Instagrams will be done before breakfast. Snapchat videos, Vines and Facebook Live? That’s lunch. Dinner comes served with Youtube and another Insta. You’ll learn how to not only create content, but make sure it’s useful and engaging to different audiences.

3. PR is about human connection and interaction
[Image by Lewis Bush].

[Image by Lewis Bush]

Social media is just another link in the chain that is human communication, and the course values theory and deeper understanding of human interaction just as much as it does that Snapchat you just sent.

The course will make you think about the impact communications has on your every day, from what you buy, to who you vote for. And it does all of this with world-class tutors who will make Nudge Theory, Third Wave Feminism and Postmodernist Communication Theory easy to understand, and even easier to love.

4. You’ll work with every medium out there

We can’t forget that LCC’s PR course is at UAL, one of the world’s leading art, design and communications universities. This means your access to facilities extends to the wider university, as well as the College!

First year students will work on creating their own business cards, making posters, video and photographs in addition to writing press releases and blog posts. If you want, you can learn to use everything from a hi-tech camera to a 19th century printing press.

5. You’ll become a presentation, pitching, public speaking pro
BAPR alumni Tanya Kropacheva speaking at the House of Lords

BA (Hons) Public Relations alumna Tanya Kropacheva speaking at the House of Lords.

The course is great for everyone, which includes people who don’t feel so confident presenting, or working in groups.

We’ve seen our PR peers blossom into confident public speakers and debaters who aren’t afraid to speak up. Because of the emphasis on presentation and pitches, the course does wonders to improve your public speaking skills!

6. An extrovert? Perfect!

If you love to meet new people, exchange ideas (and business cards), the PR course is perfect for you. There are weekly guest talks from the likes of Google, The Independent and Edelman going on all the time and you’re encouraged to take part in them all!

7. Introvert? Even better.

Public Relations is changing, and that means it’s not only cocktail parties and networking events. It’s just as much about big data, budgets and understanding people.

Every PR agency needs strong analytical minds, and the course helps to create these. Sure, Brenda gets to go to that drinks reception and mingle, but you’ve just analysed 7 datasheets, written 4 press releases and fed your cat, Mittens. 

8. You’ll learn to think outside the box

Spatial Design {lewis bush} CROP

The course pushes you to become a problem solver and think outside the box. This means you’re going to come out of university with the ability to take any challenge head on.

A practical example: you and your group have to pitch a communications idea to an actual company, who if successful, will make your idea come alive. Coursework and live projects like this make you get into a competitive mind-set and enable you to come up with great ideas and creative solutions.

9. London life
London Skyline [image by Lewis Bush].

London skyline [image by Lewis Bush].

One of the many perks of the course is its location, London! A vibrant, open, diverse and cultural city that has something to offer to everyone. Making it your home for 3 years opens you up to a new perspective on life. There’s a million and one places to find inspiration in London, and the PR course lets you channel that inspiration into tangible work.

10. A career… anywhere, really.

Aside from personal growth, a change of scene and meeting new people, you’re going to university to get a job, right? And a PR degree opens you up to a job in almost any field you can think of.

Airlines, hospitals, armies, government, architects, carpenters, universities, scuba instructors, space agencies. Basically, any organisation that needs someone to tell the world about who they are, what they do, and most importantly, connect them with humans. And that person could be you!