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Maria Dada

Lecturer, Interaction Design & Visual Communication
London College of Communication
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Maria  Dada


Maria Dada is a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts and MA Interaction Design Communication. Her research and practice are placed within the fields of design, continental philosophy and visual culture.

She investigates the role of digital imagery in reconfiguring socio-political institutions and structures.

Maria has degrees in both continental philosophy from the Centre for Research in European Philosophy and Computing and Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University.

She speaks regularly at conferences including Netwerk Alst Sci-fi Sessions and Datatopia at Projekt Bauhaus in Berlin. She also publishes widely in various magazines, peer reviewed journals and books such as ARPJA Journal, Amateur Cities and The Critical Makers Reader.

Maria has participated in and curated various workshops and exhibitions, including:

Prior to joining LCC she held a Research Fellowship in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths University and has taught at various institutions including Birkbeck’s Film, Language and Culture Studies department and at the RCA.

Her teaching engages with various topics from the state of representation in satellite images to reimagining bodies in their encounter with digital medical imaging technologies.

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