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Lainy Malkani

Senior Lecturer, Media Communications
London College of Communication
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Lainy  Malkani


Lainy Malkani is Senior Lecturer on BA (Hons) Media Communications at London College of Communication (LCC).

She draws on 20 years of experience working for the BBC and independent media sector as a radio and television presenter, newsreader and producer to inform her teaching in the classroom.

Before coming to LCC, Lainy was a regular contributor to The Papers on the BBC News Channel. In 2017, she published a collection of short stories based on historical archive at the British Library.

'Sugar, Sugar Bittersweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers' reveals untold stories about the migration of over a million Indians in the mid 1800’s to the Caribbean, South Africa, Fiji, Mauritius and the UK.

A BBC World TV interview about the collection has now had over 100,000 views on Facebook. The inspiration for the collection followed her critically-acclaimed BBC Radio 4 documentary series, called Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas which linked her own Indian ancestry to the sugar plantations in what was then British Guiana.

Lainy has used her skills as a journalist to partner with a number of organisations to enable the lives of ordinary people to tell their stories. In 2018, she hosted a series of creative writing workshops for the writers’ development agency, Spread the Word in partnership with London libraries.

The City of Stories competition aimed to engage new writers and readers from diverse backgrounds to tell their own stories. In 2015 she launched the Social History Hub Podcast.

In 2004, Lainy took a brief break from journalism to work in public relations for the Commonwealth Secretariat, an international development organisation based in London.  She has travelled extensively as a media consultant mainly working in the field of election observation.

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