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June Mineyama-Smithson

Associate Lecturer, Design for Visual Communication
London College of Communication
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June  Mineyama-Smithson


June Mineyama-Smithson is an artist/graphic designer with background in branding. She has worked in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong and her career has seen her work for a broad range of international clients including PwC, LVMH, Cathey Pacific and J.P. Morgan.

She is also a D&AD judge, speaker at Design Manchester and Ladies, Wine & Design, a guest lecturer at University of Leeds, Birmingham City University and The Margate School.

As artist MAMIMU, she is interested in combining art and science to find the ‘Optimum Optimism’. Her collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart resulted in the creation of on-screen idents for ITV. She is also interested in finding hidden delights in the seemingly mundane and expressing in geometric patterns. Her work has been featured in Creative Boom, Design Milk, Cow Parade Niseko and SCMP.

June’s passion for colours and shapes started in her childhood in Japan. From the 70s groovy patterns to the 80s bright colours, she was always surrounded by bold joyful things. She aims to spread the optimism she felt as a child, with a contemporary twist.

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