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Joshua Carlisle

PG Cert Design for Visual Communication student
London College of Communication
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Joshua  Carlisle


Joshua is a graduate from PG Cert Design for Visual Communication at London College of Communication.


Why did you decide to study PG Cert Design for Visual Communication?
I chose to undertake the programme to really study the fundamentals of graphic design in a way that I hadn’t previously on my more illustrative BA, and also since then as a solo in-house designer.

With no senior I’ve felt that gaps in my knowledge were beginning to hold me back and I could feel myself drifting.

In reaction to this I also wanted to revisit a space for personal exploration and discover what my own direction and interests are again and how I can develop these into a clearer path forward.

Which project have you most enjoyed working on?
For me, both of the typographically focused projects have been the most enjoyable so far. It hasn’t always been a natural area for me to work with, but I really wanted to explore typography on the course and feel I have ‘discovered’ this in a way I hadn’t before which has been extremely rewarding.

What has been the highlight of the course so far?
Hopefully not too cheesy, but the highlight has been everything I’ve learnt! From my tutors, classmates, the technicians and workshops, and from broadening my contextual knowledge: One of the main highlights being discovering new design philosophies which inspire me and encourage me to pursue graphic design further.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt on the course?
Reaffirming that experimentation and play can lead you in new, unexpected directions. And that design, or all creativity I guess, is about taking a position; you need to be honest with yourself and this will lead to work that excites you.

And lastly really seeing the negative space, and designing with this in mind.

How do you find the facilities available to you at London College of Communication?
The facilities here are truly incredible – there’s so much on offer and you really feel that you can get involved in any of the workshops and processes, and this is something that is brought to life by the technicians.

They’re not just technically skilled, they also make you feel like a collaborator and will help push your ideas further.

The challenge of the PG Cert though is juggling your time to make use of them, but I would definitely recommend it and encourage future students to start exploring them as early as possible.

What are your plans for the future?
Initially just to keep on learning, making work that is hopefully both honest and engaging and to have fun doing it. And it would be great to one day start my own, or a joint practice.

Why would you recommend studying PG Cert Design for Visual Communication?
For anyone looking to delve into the field of Graphic Design and gain a solid understanding of its fundamentals, or have the space to deepen your knowledge then I think this course offers a great opportunity to do so.

The class environment is open, engaging and it’s inspiring to meet a group of people from a broad range of professions. Everyone’s approach is unique and its eye-opening to see this.

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