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Herman Ho

Lecturer, BA (Hons) Games Design
London College of Communication
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Herman  Ho


Herman Ho (He/Him) is Lecturer for BA (Hons) Games Design at London College of Communication.

His area of interest centres around coordinating architectural expertise with game development to provide knowledge that is specially tailored for spatial exploration. This stems from his prior degrees in MA (Hons) Architecture at the University of Edinburgh (UOE) and MA Games Design at LCC.

Herman began his teaching career in 2017 at UOE as a Technical Tutor, teaching architecture students to design with video game engines. Later, in 2021, he started working as an online tutor for mOOO Architectural Design Platform, teaching Architectural design with the Vision of Game Development.

He joined UAL as an Associate Lecturer in 2021 and has taught across multiple courses including leading and supporting BA (Hon) Games Design, BA (Hons) Virtual Reality, MA Virtual Reality, MA 3D Computer Animation at London College of Communication, and the Diploma at the Creative Computing Institute.

Within Herman's own practice he has co-founded Wordplay Games, an independent game company, where their efforts on the ongoing development project helped them win Tranzfuser 2020, Protoplay 2020, and even secured funding from the UK Games Fund. They also received recognition from TIGA for Best Student in Business Awards in 2021.