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London College of Communication

Gregor Garber

Specialist Technician, 3D Workshop
London College of Communication
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Gregor  Garber


Gregor is a 3D Workshop Technician at London College of Communication and likes to utilise reclaimed and recycled materials in his personal practice.

Gregor Garber started out with a woodworking apprenticeship, a basis that still influences his design decisions a lot. He then started designing interiors and later moved to the UK to study BA in Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design and an MA in Design Studies at Central Saint Martin’s. In addition to these design qualifications, Gregor gained the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. Gregor likes to reclaim and re-use materials and this is evident in all his projects.

Instead of falling for the throw away culture, we should not replace our furniture and objects all the time. Instead we should choose or reclaim quality materials that last.

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