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Despoina Zachariadou

Associate Lecturer, MA Virtual Reality
London College of Communication
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Despoina  Zachariadou


Despoina Zachariadou is an Associate Lecturer on MA Virtual Reality at London College of Communication.

Despoina is also an XR artist/director with six years of experience in virtual and augmented reality. As a practitioner, her work explores immersive and interactive extended reality-digital narratives, storytelling and the future of human experience in everyday interfaces intermediated with digital realities.

Despoina studied architecture engineering in Greece, where she was born and grew up. She then completed her MA in media production in the UK.

She has worked and collaborated in projects with cultural and industry partners including Gravity Sketch, the Royal Academy of Arts, The British Museum, Microsoft, Alexander McQueen, Unilever, Ernst & Young, AKT Collective.

Her work has been awarded by the Aesthetica Art Magazine, the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion, the United Nations and has been published by the POOL Magazine UCLA, LA, US, and Aesthetica Art Magazine.

Despoina has researched and worked with concepts of gamification and simulation in museum and art exhibition spaces, as well as in industry applications. Her focus has been particularly in the fields of environment sustainability awareness, art and cultural heritage explored through new media formats of contemporary virtual narrative environments and experiences.

Her most recent research and work builds upon her previous work topics evolving in the context of virtual reality accessibility and cross-platform participatory virtual reality performative experiences.

Her interest is in exploring the future of storytelling in virtual and augmented reality, with pushing the boundaries of performance and accessibility of virtual reality experiences. While also positioning the medium of virtual reality in the center of digital era socio-political discussions and artistic creation.

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