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Anto Fredric Selvaraj

MA 3D Computer Animation student
London College of Communication
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Anto  Fredric Selvaraj


Anto is a current student on MA 3D Computer Animation at London College of Communication.


Why did you decide to study MA 3D Computer Animation?
Having completed my bachelors, studying a masters degree seemed like the next step in achieving a successful career. My architectural background helped me realise my aspiration towards animating objects and seeing them come to life. I took the decision to study MA 3D Computer Animation to learn more about the principles and the nuances of animation.

Which project have you most enjoyed working on?
My favourite project so far would be the collaborative project, which involved building an animated virtual reality ad film. The best part about it was the freedom given by the course to let us collaborate with anyone across the globe and within UAL’s creative community.

What has been the highlight of the course so far?
The instant feedback I receive from the course tutors. The video markup tutorials are quite useful to polish my animation.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt on the course so far?
That it's always the best to specialise in one particular field and later hone the other skills if they interest you. In the initial stages, try not start off with everything on your plate.

How do you find the facilities available to you at London College of Communication?
The College is full of resources. All you need to excel here is you and your creativity.

If you had to sum up your London College of Communication experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Veni, vidi, amavi - I came, I saw, I loved.

Has the course included any involvement with industry?
Yes, I enjoyed learning from The Third Floor’s Head of Creative during a collaborative project. We were exposed to expectations of the industry and the challenges faced, something which is extremely important when we step foot out there.

The course team inform us of CG meet ups happening around us. These are a great way of meeting lots of new people and expanding your professional network.

What are your plans for the future?
Studying this course is helping me to hone my skills in animation and is opening doors for me to secure a job within animation industry in the future. I’m always determined to learn the current trends of my field to integrate them with my profession. My next big thing would be getting my hands on artificial intelligence and machine learning and somehow combining it with the creative industry.

My long-term goal is to set up my own studio that will tell stories and make people astonished by CG and design.

Why would you recommend MA 3D Computer Animation to prospective students?
If you are dreaming about moving things, if you want your name on the theatre screens, if you are searching for a mentor to review your work instantly and train you for the industry, then MA 3D Computer Animation is your course and UAL is your university.

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