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Alice Galli

Visiting Practitioner, MA Graphic Branding and Identity
London College of Communication
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Alice  Galli


Alice Galli is a Visiting Practitioner on MA Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication. She is from Italy and is a designer.

Alice started her design journey in Italy, attending Politecnico di Milano to study Interior Design with a specific focus on retail practices. She moved to Amsterdam to work as a graphic and retail designer for a design agency with clients such as Nike and Toms.

To deepen her understanding of graphic design and branding theory, Alice completed the MA in Graphic Branding and Identity at the London College of Communication. She researched and explored language and its mutation through contemporary communication platforms, while incorporating typography into her practice.

Alice is a multidisciplinary designer working in the fields of branding, graphic design, art direction and video post-production as an independent designer or as part of as-k, a design studio she recently started with a friend and former colleague.

Alice's personal practice and research are still mainly focused on typography and its expressive power as a design and communication tool in today’s postmodernist society.

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Instagram: /iam_alicegalli/