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Alice Galli

MA Graphic Branding and Identity graduate
London College of Communication
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Alice  Galli


Alice graduated from MA Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication in 2019.


What attracted you to the course and London College of Communication?

After my BA in Interior Design, I was interested in upgrading my Visual and Graphic Communication skills but I wanted to still maintain a link with the field of my previous education. I found that MA Graphic Branding and Identity could help me learn and craft the strategies and methodologies to develop any design brief, regardless the kind of outcome (whether it be digital, experiential, spatial and so on).

What was the most interesting project you worked on during your course?

During the Collaborative Unit, I worked with a team of four other students on the visual identity of London College of Fashion's (LCF) final BA Show. We developed not only the graphic design but also the set design for the photo/video shoots. This project gave me the chance to collaborate with the LCF creative team and a bunch of other external stakeholders, from photographers to models and make up artists, and to experience the “real life” on a set, where many different professionalises come together to create and craft one consistent final outcome.

What are your fondest memories of London College of Communication?

I think I spent my best time at LCC in the library, where I had the opportunity to browse, read and study many interesting books for my research, and at the workshop spaces (print finishing was my favourite) where I spent my time learning and experiencing first hand the process behind the creation of a book (for example), from start to finish.

What three words would best describe your London College of Communication experience?

Intense, challenging, mind-broadening.

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

I would first recommend to really think why you are taking this course and what you intend to do during your year at LCC; a master design study is a great but demanding. At times it can even be a frustrating experience, you really get the chance to test your practice and your strengths (and weaknesses) as an independent designer. Once you are in, focus on your work and your purpose, but let go any assumption on the “right” way to do things because there is never just one. My advice is to learn to proactively and critically accept suggestions and feedback on your work because they are most probably the ones which will allow your research to move forward.

Why would you recommend studying MA Graphic Branding and Identity?

MA Graphic Branding and Identity is a research based course which will really open up your mind as a designer in the first place, but also as a person, giving you the chance to always challenge your self. In addition, the team of tutors I had was probably the best I ever had the chance to study/work with.

How has the course helped you get to where you are today?

The course changed completely the perception of my personal practice and brought into focus who I am and what I want to do in the future. More or less in the same way good practice of yoga helps you find your balance and centre.

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