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Industry Projects

Work with London College of Communication to access diverse creative talent found nowhere else. Bring us your briefs and opportunities and we’ll create a bespoke sponsored project tailored to you or your company.

Student designers, makers and innovators will work directly with you, guided by tutors with a wealth of industry experience. With expertise such as animation, service design, graphic design, brand and strategy, film production, journalism, PR and much more.

Our students have proven experience adding value to a wide variety of organisations including third-sector organisations, businesses and brands, as well as those working in the creative sector.

The value of the project extends beyond the design or campaign itself. You’ll also have a unique story and a new relationship with London’s creative talent.

We’re here for you

As the world navigates remote working, we continue to collaborate with businesses online in creative ways. Get in touch for further information on how we can work with you.

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Tim Hoar, Director of Business and Innovation
Tel: 07931163270

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Service and Experience Design

Digital Content and Marketing

  • image of student animation showing blue amorphous shapes
    Animation by Lexy Garces Beavis, Fahad Khwaja, Sandro Valente and Shuaikang Li.
  • Animation of a figure playing a musical instrument.
    Lucy Wei, Ying Zeng and Rusnė Dragūnevičiūtė.
  • Three posters showing character animations.
    Shells by Agota Rencsenyi

Print and Product Design


  • Wooden pebble-like objects, small black drawing-like diagrams that resemble trees

  • Image of a website design for healthy food
    Mama Leys website design by Nasser Milongo.