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PG Design for Visual Communication Publication 2018

Since 2012, students and staff on the PG Design for Visual Communication publish an annual publication that draws on contemporary themes such as political design; reflective writing; analogue and digital trends.

The publication documents the year whilst demonstrating the essence of the course. It also features updates and contributions from graduates of the course profiling the work they do now in relation to the set theme.

Thanks to newly developed technology currently used at F.E. Burman, a digital printing company involved in the project, the students will observe their work generating 500 different bespoke covers for the 2019 edition.

Production also encourages students to make use of course consumables, contributions from technical areas as well as discounts from paper companies.

Past students involved with the publication have been Daniel Shannon, Tom Hornby, Peter Carr, Yael Tur-Shalom, Laura Rooney, Carolina Scarpetta, Jordi Canals Viñas, Caley Dewhurst and Miriam Bruggen.

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