Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Staff

Claire McCormack – Course Leader

Art Pathway Staff

Laurence Noga - Pathway Leader

  • Drawing and Sculpture: Rossella Emanuelle, David Fusco, Kaori Homma, Camilla Lyon and Kate Terry
  • Painting: David Batchelor, Lottie Childs, Jake Clark, Susie Round and Anne Ryan
  • Time-Based Media: Anna Boggin, Chrystel Lebas and Nicola Rae

Communication Pathway Staff

Frank Owusu - Pathway Leader

  • Digital Media: Joseph Child and Jo Lawrence
  • Graphics: John Bently, Wendy Carlton Dewhirst, Charlotte Heal and Jon Martin
  • Illustration: Noel Bramley, Geoff Coupland, Jen Frankin, Valerie McBride and Fiona White

Design Pathway Staff

Claire McCormack - Pathway Leader

  • 3D Product Spatial: Jason Allcorn, Rupert Hartley, Mike Hurley, Nikki Plews, Vannetta Seecharran and Shane Waltener
  • Theatre and Screen: Nicola Fitchett, Jacqui Gunn, Stuart Hembrow and Mary Tryfonos