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Jeanna Woodcraft

BA Fine Art Drawing Associate Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Jeanna  Woodcraft


Jeanne Woodcraft’s practice approaches drawing as a compulsive and rigorous discipline, exploring the phenomenology of mark-making as both unconscious and conscious gesture.

Her works are rooted in the idea of measurement, of systems that quantify human existence. Woodcraft’s doodling style stems from a process of automatic drawing, resulting in the articulation of the psyche through images and patterns that aren’t impeded by cognitive logic.

By contrast, her transcription works are highly technical interpretations of old masters’ paintings, exploiting Renaissance principles of divinity within geometry and perspective. Executed in graphite and coloured pencil on paper, Woodcraft’s precise and labour intensive process combines the hand-crafted with ideals of mechanical reproduction.

Woodcraft’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK, at museums and galleries such as Manchester Museum, Leicester City Gallery, Phoenix Arts Centre (Hastings), Melton Mowbray Library and Nottingham Castle Museum. She has also organised several conferences, including the WW2 Orpen Surgical Drawings, hosted by London's Royal College of Surgeons, and Structuring Anatomy into the Drawing Course.

Woodcraft is the founder of ILEIC FILM, and has written and produced the documentaries Gatehouse and The Crossing.


BA Fine Art Drawing