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Neil Rumming

BA Fine Art Painting Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Neil  Rumming


Neil Rumming’s work reconfigures painting’s elemental values, offering alternative ideas for modern thinking.

Rumming’s process is highly physical and performative, with patterns and images often achieved through stomping, rubbing and jumping on block or silk-screen printing plates to create unique but detached gestures.

This challenging of established ideas is emphasised through his works' subject matter, which often depicts the armatures of painting itself; with wall mounted screws or swatches of canvases set in austere compositions mapping out and dissecting painting’s formal components.

Combining the languages of modernist abstraction, Warholian pop and Arte Povera, Rumming’s canvases reassess painterly tradition as reflective of everyday modern experience; exploring the potential for the personal and significant within systematic history and cultural exhaustion.

Rumming’s work is regularly exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at galleries and museums including:

HD Projects (New York), Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Christopher Crescent (both London), Oktober (Düsseldorf), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool), Mizuma Gallery (Tokyo), Eduardo Leme (São Paulo), Donna Beam (Las Vegas), Karyn Lovegrove (Los Angeles), Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA, Glasgow), Kunststiftung Baden-Wurttemberg (Stuttgart) and Spacex (Exeter).


BA Fine Art Painting