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James Ireland

BA Fine Art Sculpture Senior Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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James  Ireland


James Ireland is an artist concerned with the ways in which cultural and economic determinants shape our perception of the environment.

Ireland is interested in our cultivated world, where the romantic view of landscape is yet another product. His work references signs of an idealised landscape, sunsets, blue skies, mountain ranges and waterfalls.

The work is often generated through the arrangement of simple mass-produced objects, such as plastic bags, posters, concrete, polystyrene and display structures.

Mirrors and translucent surfaces are used to reflect and filter the environment and to suggest the notion of a collective screen through which our environment is arranged.

He has exhibited his work internationally and permanently installed commissions of his work can be seen at Kingfisher Court, NHS Mental Health Trust (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom), St.Bart’s Hospital (London) and Zabludowicz Collection (Sarvisalo, Finland).


BA Fine Art: Sculpture