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Fran Cottell

Fine Art Senior Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Fran  Cottell


Fran Cottell’s work bridges performance, architecture, public art and museology.

Cottell’s living artworks exist as ephemeral shared experiences for audiences, beginning and ending with her exhibitions, and engage themes of feminism, identity politics, cultural hierarchies and unwritten histories.

Since 2001, Cottell has used her own house as both subject and experimental site for her performative events, subtly altering this domestic environment through architectural interventions.

For Back to Front, Cottell built a walkway running through the centre of her home with mesh walls dividing the public corridor and private living space. This effectively turned her daily life into a museum display, exploiting the ideas of voyeurism as well as creating interaction between viewers and her family as live works of art.

Cottell’s work is regularly exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at galleries, museums and festivals including the International Performance Festival PAIR 01 (Lahti, Finland), APT Gallery, Architectural Association 2011, South London Gallery, Deptford X 2008 (all London) and Newlyn Art Gallery (UK). Her e-book House: From Display to Back to Front (2012) is also available from


BA Fine Art Drawing

BA Fine Art Painting

BA Fine Art Photography

BA Fine Art Sculpture