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Quilla Constance

Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art Sculpture
Camberwell College of Arts
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Quilla  Constance


Quilla Constance 'QC' is the creation of artist, lecturer and curator, Jennifer Allen, born in Birmingham,1980.

It has been proposed that Constance over-identifies with an 'exotic' militant punk persona to interrogate category-driven capitalist networks, through staging and virally inserting her artistic practice within pop culture - traversing music venues, forging street protests and entering art galleries in order to emulate and interrupt the operations of these cultural zones.

Constance stages interventions across an interdisciplinary practice of painting, photography, live performance, lecturing, costume and music videos. Her live performance work has been noted for its 'unflinching physical narrative performed entirely through breath, posture and non-verbal sounds: panting like a dog, sex noises, then laughter, pure guttural anger, and back again.'

She has given performative lectures and exhibited at Autograph ABP, Camden Arts Centre, Freud Museum, ICA, Modern Art Oxford, Standpoint Gallery, The Royal Academy, Toynbee Hall and Zabludowicz Collection.

Recent solo exhibitions include - Transcending The Signified at MOCA, PUKIJAM at 198 Contemporary Arts (both London) and #QC at St John's College, Oxford.

Jennifer Allen aka Quilla Constance studied at The Ruskin School of Art and Goldsmiths.


BA Fine Art: Drawing

BA Fine Art: Painting

BA Fine Art: Photography

BA Fine Art: Sculpture