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Duncan Wooldridge

MA Fine Art Photography Pathway Leader
Camberwell College of Arts
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Duncan  Wooldridge


Duncan Wooldridge is a photographer, curator and art critic who uses different methods of mechanical reproduction to explore the ideas of possession, authorship and interruption.

Working directly onto postcards found in museum gift shops, Wooldridge's practice highlights the flawed nature of recreating conceptual and minimalist artworks onto documents. By slightly modifying these commercialised reproductions of original artworks, Wooldridge further complicates the way art history is revised, interpreted and exchanged by entwining his own mythology into the process.

Wooldridge’s work is regularly exhibited at major museums throughout the UK, including Spike Island (Bristol), Hayward Gallery and The Royal College of Art (both London). He also curated Anti-Photography at Focal Point (Southend) in 2011, and is a regular contributor to Source, Eikon, Untitled and Art Monthly.

Wooldridge is currently conducting doctoral research in the Department of Art History and University College London on the work of German Anti-foto artist Hans-Peter Feldmann.


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