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Geraint Evans

MA Fine Art Painting Pathway Leader
Camberwell College of Arts
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Geraint  Evans


Geraint Evans is a painter, who is interested in the ways in which we perceive, encounter and experience the natural world and read it as landscape.

His figurative paintings employ a stylised pictorial language to explore the idea that landscape is largely a social and cultural construct, responding to the writer W.J.T. Mitchell’s observation that “landscape is a natural scene mediated by culture.”

His work depicts manicured or fabricated gardens and parks, shopping malls and suburban green belts, national parks and theme parks.

The fictional protagonists that populate these landscapes include heavy metal campers, nudist hikers and ornamental hermits.

Geraint is interested in both the space in which the built and natural environments meet and in our complex perception of the wilderness.

The effect of ever evolving technologies and mass tourism on our relationship with the natural world is another important aspect of his practice.

In 2003 received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award and the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship. He was awarded a prize at the John Moores contemporary painting exhibition in 2008.


MA Fine Art: Painting