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Helen Robertson

BA Fine Art Photography Associate Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Helen  Robertson


Helen Robertson’s practice could be described as object-images responding to painterly traditions of formalism, film theory and minimalism’s notions of objecthood.

Her works are often characterised by their two-dimensional qualities, yet are executed sculpturally so exist in physical space. Robertson’s Chroma Key explores suggestive architecture by delicately suspending and arranging linear, barely there materials like clear film and light projections to sway and react to her audience's movements.

This heightened experience, influenced by Yves Klein and the 1960's Nouveau Réalisme movement, is paramount to Robertson’s work, with her ideas of presence and absence further echoed by blue footprints on the floor.

Robertson’s work is regularly exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at museums, galleries and festivals such as Hayward, Studio Voltaire (both London), Manchester Art Gallery, Galerie Nei Liicht (Luxembourg) and Out Video (Ekaterinburg, Russia).


BA Fine Art Photography