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Jeremy Spencer

Fine Art Contextual Studies Associate Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Jeremy  Spencer


Jeremy Spencer is an academic and writer who developed his practice through postgraduate study at the universities of Leeds and Brighton.

His theoretical interests include political and avant-garde art and film, political approaches to visual culture that contextualise historical and social art practices, as well as theories of art informed by semiology, feminism and psychoanalysis.

Spencer’s work has been published nationally and internationally in journals such as Historical Materialism, Artfractures Quarterly, Rebus and the Journal of Visual Art Practice. He’s a regular contributor to Cassone, Review 31, the Marx & Philosophy Review of Books and recently wrote a chapter on the political film of Jean-Luc Godard for the forthcoming book Marx and Moving Images of Activism.

A regularly speaker at academic symposia throughout the UK, Spencer’s recent papers include Aesthetics of Revolution and the Social History of Art for the 7th International Interdisciplinary Conference; Riot, Revolt, Revolution at the University of Brighton’s CAPPE Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics; and Godard’s Counter-Cinema within Political Aesthetics at the University of Central Lancashire’s Marx at the Movies Conference.

Spencer also completed a PhD on the role of the literary theorist Paul de Man in the development of social art history at the University of Essex in 2007.


BA Fine Art Drawing

BA Fine Art Painting

BA Fine Art Photography

BA Fine Art Sculpture