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Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo

BA Illustration Associate Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Christopher  Lutterodt-Quarcoo


‘Cult Storyteller' Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo (CL-Q) is an award winning director, designer, writer and lecturer exhibiting and speaking internationally.

His film 'Hertz' was awarded best documentary at BFI Future Film Festival and is currently on the BFI Player.

Operating on the axis of film, design and politics CL-Q is the Director of The Adv_™ , an immersive forum that weaponises empathy for societal progress, change, and impact.

He is also the Founder of the Unmaterialised™, a research archive, agency and platform that explores the origin of key narratives, beliefs and systems, and their impact on the past, present and future.


BA Illustration