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Shibboleth Shechter

BA Interior and Spatial Design Senior Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Shibboleth  Shechter


Shibboleth Shechter is a spatial design educator.

Her research is pedagogic, concerned with embedding sustainability in the curriculum, through live projects.

The projects aim to bring about change by focussing on the importance of engaging diverse stakeholders in the design process.

Recent projects include:

  • Details and Spaces - A temporary installation that spatially linked Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Arts
  • Garden Stories - An interactive exhibition at Hall Place’s Halcot Gallery that told stories about Hall Place Gardens through text, image, sound and physical space
  • Life and Death Toolkit - Helps design students to reflect on the sustainability of their projects and make informed decisions throughout their design process

Shechter is the Chelsea BA Interior and Spatial Design first year coordinator.


BA Interior and Spatial Design