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Dr Niki Wallace

MA Global Collaborative Design Practice Course Leader
Camberwell College of Arts
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Niki  Wallace


Niki Wallace is a designer, educator and researcher interested in co-design, regenerative cultures, circularity and relational principles as part of design’s role in sustainability transitions.

As Course Leader of MA Global Collaborative Design Practice, Wallace supports students’ development of the critical collaborative skills needed to realise regenerative and sustainable futures. Wallace’s prior teaching experience spans undergraduate and postgraduate design in studio, research methods, consumer culture and critical design theory at University of South Australia.

Wallace is the founder of Net Zero Lab, a living lab collective of designers and researchers who practice emergent approaches to low-contact co-design, regenerative futures and transition design. Wallace is also a founding member of Climate Space, a group that facilitates skills development for organised climate action, and is a facilitator with The Global Room, which holds space for people to explore regenerative cultures and more-than-human perspectives.

Wallace’s PhD focused on design’s acceleration of the consumption and waste problem by examining ‘what it takes’ to redirect design practices towards sustainability transitions. Since then, Wallace has pursued research with a focus on activating transitions towards circular economies, methods for increasing collaboration through co-design, and nurturing regenerative cultures.


MA Global Collaborative Design Practice