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Annette Robinson

BA Fine Art Drawing Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Annette  Robinson


Annette Robinson’s practice spans a wide range of disciplines that frequently merge to generate hybrid forms.

Her recent work Going Nowhere and Building combines drawing, sculpture and performance, which are brought together through an animated audio-visual installation. Approaching animation as an improvisational and impromptu medium, Robinson’s low-fi footage imbues misplaced fragments, such as clay figures made in her studio, with a sense of control through subtle movement.

Seemingly unconnected and discarded fragments appear to come together for this moment, as if the objects themselves were directing their own performance; with Robinson’s choreographies often projected onto temporary structures like cardboard to emphasise their humble nature.

Robinson’s work is frequently site-responsive, and she actively pursues new locations to extend her practice. Her residencies include AiR Alvik (Norway), Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC, USA), European Pepiniere (Grenoble) and the British Council Sculpture Fellowship (Oslo).

Robinson has also exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at galleries including Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall, The Drawing Room (both London), Bolton Museum & Art Gallery, Uppsala Art Museum (Sweden) and Walsall Art Gallery, as well as the 1999 International Print Biennial (Ljubljana) and the 1996 EAST International. Her work was also featured in the 2007 book Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art.


BA Fine Art Drawing