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Performance programme

The Performance programme consists of the following courses:

  • Foundation Studies in Performance

    With its focus firmly on practical skills and techniques, Foundation Studies in Performance broadens your horizons and lets you test your aims and aptitudes in a supportive environment.

  • BA (Hons) Acting

    A Drama Centre course at Central Saint Martins, BA Acting prepares you for direct entry to the profession while laying the foundations for a lifelong acting career.

  • BA (Hons) Performance: Design and Practice

    Challenging assumptions and territories, this course explores theatre, film, video and live art. It emphasises collaborative practice, instilling a strong set of specialist and transferable skills. In the final year you’ll shape your own individual project, anticipating your future in this diverse and expanding sector.

  • MA Acting

    MA Acting focuses on the actor as both the material and the maker; and as a skilled and creative technician.

  • MA Character Animation

    Ideas for stories and characters, but not sure how to make them move?

  • MA Directing

    A Drama Centre course at Central Saint Martins. MA Directing is a four year integrated Masters course which equips you with the artistic and technical skills suitable for work or for further training in theatre, film, television and radio.

  • MA Performance: Writing

    We train the next generation of writing talent, giving them the confidence and skills required to thrive in the industry.

  • MA Performance: Design and Practice

    Bringing together artists, directors, writers, researchers and designers, this course sets the agendas that drive performance practice in the twenty-first century.

  • MA Screen: Acting

    A Drama Centre course at Central Saint Martins, MA Screen: Acting provides a rigorous conservatoire training, focused on performance for the screen.

  • MA Screen: Directing

    A Drama Centre course at Central Saint Martins, MA Screen: Directing trains you to inspire creative performance from actors on screen.

Performance stories

  • Class of 2020: The Body

    Depictions of the human body are a constant throughout art history. Here, we talk to the 2020 graduates who incorporate the body into their creative process – from performative drawing to explorations of illness.

  • Class of 2020: Collaboration During Crisis

    We talk to the 2020 graduates who have worked collectively during crisis.

  • Class of 2020: Yifat Shir-Moskovitz

    Graduating from MA Performance Design and Practice, Yifat Shir-Moskovitz talks to us about her film Under Con(s)traction in which she parallels the months of her pregnancy with a nine-phase baking recipe.

  • Class of 2020: Deans' Awards

    Since 1989, the CSM Museum & Study Collection has actively purchased works from graduating students. Now, after more than 30 years, the process has taken on a new form in our first ever Deans’ Awards.

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