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The Week That Was: 4 March

Visual Merchandising for Fashion
Visual Merchandising for Fashion
Belinda Lawley, Visual Merchandising for Fashion
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05 March 2017

Design for Dance brought together students on BA Performance Design & Practice course with students choreographers and dancers from the Central School of Ballet, London Studio Centre, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance to create a series of public performances. There’ll be plenty to share next week but here’s a sneak peek.

Second-year students from MA Material Futures are hoping to share their work-in-progress at this year’s Milan Fair but they need your help!

Using fashion is a potent way to protest because it is creating a visual spectacle that can be seen by all, regardless of class, race, education, or social standing. It is every bit — if not more — effective than waving a placard around.” Jane Tynan, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies Pathway Leader on MA Fashion Communication,  talks fashion and politics with CNN.

Orientation as Gardening landed at King’s Cross with a series of ‘boards’ placed around the local area. You are invited to walk the route alone or in a group guided by Ursula Reisenberger.

We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of artist Gustav Metzger, he was an inspiration to both our staff and students (the main image depicts Remember Nature, a collaborative project between Metzger and Fine Art students in 2015).

Not only was Caroline Broadhead, Programme Leader for Jewellery and Textiles, awarded a Lifetime Achievement award from the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council but also staff, students and alumni from BA Jewellery Design opened their Off the Shelf exhibition at Vitsoe as part of Munich Jewellery Week.

Students from BA Culture, Criticism and Curation got together with artists’ rights agency DACS to explore the relationship between art, the gallery space and social media.

Immerse yourself the Fundamentals debate on the forces shaping London, chaired by Oliver Wainwright and Spatial Practices, because the full set is bundled together here.

And finally, March is looking jam-packed.